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Stop the Cash Grab


The dishonesty around Bill 65 begins with the name: Safer School Zones Act. In reality, the bill does not limit photo radar to school zones. It allows local councils to declare any road a Community Safety Zone and thus subject to photo radar.



Kathleen Wynne and her government had lied to Ontarians. After declaring countless times that her government had no plans to do it, she flip-flopped and announced the return of photo radar in Ontario. Kathleen Wynne decided to allow it not just in school zones, but also in "community safety zones", which means that cities will be able to deploy photo radar virtually anywhere as long as they classify the road as a "community safety zone". This means photo radar will be possible on any street in your town, including those with zero speed-related fatalities.

Here is a legal definition of a community safety zone:

"214.1 (1) The council of a municipality may by by-law designate a part of a highway under its jurisdiction as a community safety zone if, in the council's opinion, public safety is of special concern on that part of the highway. 1998, c. 6, s. 1."

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To All Ontario Drivers

Here Is Some Critical Info About Photo Radar You Should Know

(Spoiler Alert: It Doesn't Make Roads Safer!)


Photo Radar is ILLEGAL in ONTARIO and the Citizens of Ontario have removed it in the past. We will not let politicians break their promises. Help us keep them honest!



The Inconvenient Truth About Photo Radar

What The "Safe Streets" Lobby Won't Tell You


Cities such as Ottawa would issue up to 11 x more speeding tickets going to the drivers

Drivers would receive citations for as little as 6 - 10 km/h over the speed limit

Most tickets would go to the safest drivers who pose no danger to anyone

Photo Radar officers would become passive observers who won't prevent any accident

Ontario has some of the safest roads in North America (Ministry of Transportation)

Ottawa's roads are safer than Edmonton's which takes $47 million from the drivers



Get Photo Radar - Get Up To 11 x More "Speeding" Tickets

And No Safety Benefits


Get Photo Radar - Get "Speeding" Tickets for 6-10 km/h Over

Yes, including you!


Photo Radar is ILLEGAL in ONTARIO and the Citizens of Ontario have removed it in the past. We will not let politicians break their promises. Help us keep them honest!



Quick Photo Radar Facts

Edmonton's Photo Radar Greed : number of tickets grows rapidly.

Enormous increase in the number of tickets for 6-10 km/h over the limit.


How Do Canadian Cities Compare

"Normal" Cities vs "Photo Radar" Cities

City/Region Population # of tickets Ratio
Durham Region (NO Photo Radar) 600k 49,000 1:12
Ottawa (NO Photo Radar) 880k 42,000 1:20
Toronto (NO Photo Radar) 2.6m 218,000 1:12
Winnipeg (Photo Radar) 600k 150,000 1:4
Edmonton (Photo Radar) 800k 485,000 1:2

Statistically, Edmonton (Photo Radar) issues 11 x more tickets per person per year than Ottawa!


Photo Radar Scam Explained

Photo Radar Relies on Trickery and Cash Generation


Photo Radar is used with low, incorrect and underposted speed limits

Drivers do not slow down because they do not know where photo radar is hidden

Photo Radar generates revenue ONLY when it does not slow people down

This means it collects revenue while not accomplishing its supposed task

If Photo Radar slowed people down, it would create no revenue - only cost

If revenue goes down or city needs more money, speeding tolerance is reduced (proof)

Photo Radar can slow people down with current limits ONLY IF it's clearly marked

If Photo Radar was clearly marked, it would generate no revenue and get shut down

CONCLUSION: Hidden Photo Radar DOES NOT slow drivers down

CONCLUSION: Hidden Photo Radar generates $40 mil / year in revenue in Edmonton




The Public is Against Photo Radar

68% in Ottawa, 71% in Toronto Opposed to The Cash Grab



Hidden Photo Radar Vehicle Which Does Not Slow Drivers Down

Automatic Tickets For All Drivers For As Low As 6 km/h Over The Limit


Proof For The Extent of The Cash Grab

Cities With Photo Radar Impose Expensive Road Tax On Drivers





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WARNING: The Provincial Government Is Changing Its Tune

March 2015

Minister of Transportation repeats: NO to Photo Radar


December 2015

Minister of Transportation repeats: NO to Photo Radar


February 2016

Premier Wynne signals: YES to Photo Radar

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